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  • The global temperature rise Dong Hao in action, Dong Hao brand portable refrigerant recovering machine to be listed
  • Click:2230  Date:2016/7/19
  •     Low carbon life (life low-carbon) can be understood as: to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, is a low energy, low consumption, low cost of living. "Energy saving and emission reduction" is not only a popular language in today's society, but also a strategic choice for the future of mankind. To enhance the "energy saving and emission reduction" awareness of their own way of life or the consumption habits of a simple change, together with the reduction of global greenhouse gas (mainly to reduce carbon dioxide) emissions, the significance is very significant. "Low carbon life" energy saving and environmental protection, is conducive to slow down the global climate change and the speed of the deterioration of the environment, it is imperative to. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions, so it is the responsibility of every citizen.
        The refrigerant refrigeration industry currently used in air conditioner and refrigerator for more than CFC (chlorofluorocarbons collectively) and HCFC (hydrochlorofluorocarbons). These substances have a very strong destructive effect on the ozone layer and cause the greenhouse effect. Due to the greenhouse effect will cause climate change, the current international community to discuss the issue of climate change, mainly refers to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions of climate warming. In recent years, many countries in the world have appeared the most hot weather in the history of several hundred years. El Nino also frequently occurred, which caused huge economic losses to the country. Human adaptation to climate change, especially climate warming, caused by meteorological disasters is quite weak, need to take action to prevent. According to some current development trends, scientists predict that there may be a sea level rise in the impact and harm, global warming:
    1, as a result of global warming of the sea water expansion and polar ice melting, coastal areas may will suffer drowned or seawater intrusion, beaches and coastal erosion, land degradation, seawater intrusion and affect the coastal aquaculture industry. Impact on agriculture and natural ecosystems
    May 2, the global temperature and rainfall patterns of rapid change, make agriculture in many regions of the world and the natural ecological system can not adapt to or can not adapt quickly to the changes, resulting in a wide range of forest vegetation destruction and the agricultural disaster. Intensify floods, droughts and other meteorological disasters
    3, the global average gas temperature is slightly higher, it may bring frequent climate disasters - too much rain, a large range of drought and sustained high temperatures, resulting in large-scale disaster losses. Affect human health
    4, climate warming is likely to increase the risk of disease and mortality, increased infectious diseases. High temperature will increase the burden on the human circulatory system, heat waves will cause increased mortality.

Address: Huakou Industrial Zone,Ronggui Town,Shunde Area,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China Tel: 0757-28301335 Fax: 0757-28306335
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